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Kick Start Your Next Project With Holo Theme

A Lightning Fast Gatsby Starter Theme.

In 2023, one of my goals was to release at least two themes. I aimed to enhance my skills and contribute to the developer community. Platforms like GitHub, DEV, and more have enriched my knowledge, and I wanted to reciprocate. However, I faced a few obstacles along the way, primarily due to life's unpredictability. Now, in 2024, I'm pleased to announce that I have achieved my goal!

Please welcome Holo Theme. A modern, lightweight Gatsby theme crafted for developers seeking a blend of minimalistic elegance and contemporary design. Engineered with performance and experience in mind, this theme leverages the latest in web technology stacks, including Gatsby 5+, React 18+, and Tailwind CSS 3+, to deliver a fast, responsive, and customizable web experience.

Tech Stack

  • Gatsby 5+
  • React 18+
  • Tailwind CSS 3+

Key Features

  • Responsive Design
  • Fast Performance
  • Customisable
  • SEO Optimized

Ideal Use Cases

Holo Theme is suited for a wide range of projects, including but not limited to, Portfolios, Blogs, Business, and E-commerce. Its design and tech stack make it particularly appealing for developers looking for a modern, scalable, and stylish foundation for their web projects.

Your Feedback Makes a Difference!

If you’ve found value in using the Holo Theme for your projects, or if it sparks inspiration for your next venture, I would greatly appreciate it if you’d consider starring it on GitHub. Your support not only motivates me but also helps others discover the theme. Thank you for making our community vibrant and innovative!

I would appreciate any feedback you may have. Leave your comments below or on GitHub, whichever is appropriate.

Getting Started

GitHub logo lilxyzz / holo-theme

A visually captivating and lightning-fast theme crafted on the Gatsby framework.

Holo - Gatsby Theme

Holo - Gatsby Theme

Welcome to the ultimate blend of technologies that promises to revolutionize your web development experience. The Holo template is designed to kickstart your project with elegance and efficiency.

📚 Tech Stack

  • Gatsby 5+
  • React 18+
  • Tailwind CSS 3+
  • Decap CMS (formerly Netlify CMS) 4+

🚀 How To Use

To embark on your development adventure, follow these simple steps:

Clone this repository

git clone

Navigate into the repository

cd holo-theme

Install dependencies


Fire up the development server

gatsby develop

✨ Voila!

Your site is now running at http://localhost:8000

Open the source code and start editing!

You're now ready to develop with the speed of Gatsby and the flexibility of Tailwind, powered by the robustness of React.

Deploying to Netlify

Deploy to Netlify

You could also host directly with Netlify by linking your own repository. For more information, read hosting on Netlify.

🤝 Contributing

Got enhancements you envision…

Feel free to follow the links below to view my Open Source Projects and more.

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Superb template. Congratulations for your craftsmanship

lilxyzz profile image

Thank you for the kind words and support!