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Simple flat rate pricing for Jamstack consulting.

Hey everyone!

So, I've been going through a bit of a makeover recently - not me, exactly, but my pricing structure. I've been doing some serious number crunching and have decided that a transparent, flat rate pricing structure would be best.

This idea was heavily influenced by Brett from DesignJoy, but I've also made some significant changes to suit my own circumstances.

It's a challenge to set prices for custom software development; there are just so many variables at play. Some clients want me to be a part of their team, attend meetings, rework old documentation, and the like. Others just need a top-notch UI, no questions asked.

So, I've come up with three pricing tiers that I think will accommodate most of you. Here's a little about each of them:

Foundation - For $2,500 a month, you get unlimited asynchronous consulting, 2 feature requests or bug fixes per month, and biweekly updates. This tier is perfect for those who run marketing sites or need an expert in React for consulting, PR reviews, or other asynchronous tasks. However, if you're looking to build something from scratch rapidly, you might want to consider the next tier.

Elevate - For $8,000 a month, you get unlimited asynchronous consulting, unlimited feature requests or bug fixes, weekly updates, a guaranteed 30 hours of work per week, biweekly meetings, and can request documentation or articles. I believe this tier will be a good fit for most, especially startups and SaaS companies aiming to launch an MVP, add unique features, or rewrite in React.

Amplify - For $10,000 per month, you get all the benefits of Elevate, plus daily standup reports, internal team collaboration, and weekly meetings. The 30-hour cap remains in place. This tier is for companies that need close collaboration with an existing engineering team, whether for task discussions, stakeholder consultations, or React training for your team.

In each of these tiers, you get me, a seasoned software architect with over 7 years of React experience, as your personal service provider. However, bear in mind that once my schedule is full, I won't be able to take on more clients!

If you're interested, please check out my pricing structure here and sign up before the slots run out!

Looking forward to working with you!

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