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Levi ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ
Levi ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

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It is really hard for me to ship daily.

this post was also lost in the middle of writing it -.- it was about 5 paragraphs this time and I am really bent out of shape about it. I guess I am going to start writing these in VSCode and then pasting them over.... GRRRRR.

To summarize. I am doing this challenge to get in the habit of shipping daily. I am doing this in preparation for some upcoming products I will be launching, all of which will be learning material to aid in my one-on-one mentoring I currently offer.

I believe shipping is a skill, and I am bad at it. I want to be better at shipping all the things! I think doing daily blog posts will make me better at shipping code daily.

Shipping code daily was easy when it was behind corporate walls, now that its public its spooky. But I can't let my skills dull, and I need to get my learning resources out and in the hands of the public, so I am pressing forward trying to finish my site for private mentoring along with some course content to go along with it.

I think its working so far, and I really enjoy writing these posts, no matter how silly they are. I don't like the deleting part... maybe I should see if that is an issue I can resolve.

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Nurbol Alpysbayev

How old are you? I bet you are 26+. Getting older = shipping everyday is harder.

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Chris James

Not sure this is true, in my experience the more experienced you get the more you value predictability which you get from shipping often

Source: Am 34, code ships when i commit to master... and i rarely branch

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Nurbol Alpysbayev • Edited

Sorry I missed the optimistic and proactive tone of the original post, I thought you are complaining or something! :) I wish you the best in your beginning!

However. It's science, not me, we start to lose our agility, memory capacity, brain cells etc. from the age of 25 or so. And yes, good news is % we lose each year is pretty small until the age of ~60, we also gain more experience and overall skill level as we get older.


I thought you are the author, I messed everything up :D