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Nestor Zepeda
Nestor Zepeda

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Moving from frontend dev to either backend or full-stack?

I've been working as a frontend dev for a bit over half a year now and I've found it surprisingly challenging and fun. However, career-wise, I don't want to end up as only a frontend dev, I love working full-stack, so I'm wondering if any of you have made the jump from only frontend to either full-stack or backend? If so, was it difficult? How did you prepare before going after those positions?

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Michiel Nuyts

You could ask for more backend work at your job? You'll learn the most by just doing :) Everything is difficult, until it becomes easy through experience. It's also a benefit for your employer, so go ask for some backend work right now! :)

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Mikołaj Wawrzyniak • Edited

Statement learning backend is very vague, since there is a lot of different technologies to choose. I do not have your background exactly, however I'm backend developer, who switched between two technologies few years ago, but I hope You can still take something from my experience.

As for your situation probably most welcoming options would be either stay within javascript stack, which means nodejs. Or some of script languages like python or ruby.
Personally I've switched from C# to ruby few years ago and I was delighted by how approachable this technology was for new comer. I've managed to setup simple app within minutes. I've started from rails for zombies but now it is probably heavy outdated. Than I've went through agile web development with rails It was good experience, because book is leading developer through project, and after each chapter one can see how big progress was made. And than I've simply started to do my own projects.

Edit: I've forgotten mention one thing. I highly recommend using linting tools as early as possible. In case of ruby you could use rubocop which will teach you correct styling of your code. And reek which will detect code smells in your code, and also provide tips how to deal with them.
Good luck :)

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Lucas Olivera

A few months ago I only knew about FrontEnd with React. What I can suggest you is to try Flask (Python). It is absurdly easy to use: This is the best tutorial around.

One you understood Flask people told me to move to Django because it is more difficult and you can get used to it thanks to what you learned with Flask (haven't got here yet).

Hope this helps you.