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Ricardo Rivera
Ricardo Rivera

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fork a commentar/topic

Hey, first of all many thanks for this great community.
The question is, is it possible to create a new topic from a comment?

In my opinion, discourse often evolves in a different direction than the subject pretends.

An example:

The topic here is the science fiction terminal, but the discussion is more about electron security.

I understand the point and would like to discuss further but it is clearly off-topic in this article.

The possibility of forking a commentary "graph/tree" to make a new topic would be cool.

Am I the only one missing such a thing?

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Ben Halpern

Yes! I'm super in favor of this sort of thing. It can't be overly complicated.

In a sense, this post is sort of like that. Right now there is no indication back to the original of a fork of any kind but there could be.

The ultimate purpose of embedded content like that post or comments etc. is to enable this kind of branching, but the ultimate idea isn't fully fleshed out.

Happy to chat more about this. I find it super exciting!

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This would be definitely good & useful feature. I'm also pro.