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My journey to coding

I consider myself new to coding world. Being accepted into Code Your Future (CYF) community is best thing ever happen to me, having being in limbo and stateless in the UK for many years, through no fault of my own.

The CYF lessons are very compact, concise and challenging. There are plenty of support from tech experts and from CYF. It is delightful to meet and get to know my fellow trainees and tech experts who come from different walks of life.

The programming languages I learn to date: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node, Bash, how to use GitHub, Heroku, Netlify, Postman, and will be learning PostgreSQL soon.

I find there are similarity in different languages, that is computer works on logic, with different syntax. Being a programmer, is a problem solver. We need to think a lot and try to break down difficult question into smaller parts.

Like any job/career out there, as a programmer who need to well verse in the programming language used, communication, teamwork, collaboration, professionalism are skills equally important in order to be a good and successful programmer.

Thank you for reading.

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