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Discussion on: Second Monitor: Friend or Foe?

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Tyler Durden 2.0

I prefer a single large 21:9 ratio monitor with multiple desktop workspaces to switch between. I'll sometimes have 2-3 different coding projects open, each on their own desktop. Before Windows 10, I always used Ubuntu + Gnome, because of the ease of multiple desktops. But Windows 10 makes managing and switching between desktops very easy, and now I have all my games back when I need to take a break from coding, writing, or day-trading. Chrome browsers addition of the tab search feature also makes working on multiple desktops easier, since you can quickly find where you left that open tab you're looking for.
I agree that bigger is better, and for ultrawide monitors, I would also add that above 27" you definitely want to go with a curved one. I've absolutely been in love with my LG 34WL75C-B 34" UltraWide QHD 3440 x 1440 (2K) 60 Hz for over a year now. If I upgrade this year or next however, I'm definitely going 4k and 120Hz.