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Hi! Thank you so much for doing this. Why did you get involved with Sloths in particular?


I originally began working with sloths by accident - while I was studying for my undergraduate degree one of my supervisors had set up a research link with a sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica. I needed to complete a 12 month research placement, and I jumped at the chance to spend a year in the Costa Rican jungle. I immediately applied for the position and after several rounds of interviews, I got the job! Two months later I flew out to Costa Rica and the rest is history. During that first year I very quickly discovered that there was very little scientific literature on sloths, and no one was doing any sort of long-term research. Of course baby sloths are unbearably cute, but I find sloths more interesting for their unusual biology. They are so unlike any other mammal on the planet and yet we know so little about them!

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