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Discussion on: Blogging as a Developer

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Liam Hammett

I've published a small handful of blog posts on Medium so far this year - it was definitely easy to get set up and just jot down thoughts until enough came together to make a cohesive post in itself.

I didn't intend to "start a blog" at all, I wouldn't consider myself a blogger.

  • My first proper post came about because I merely had some thoughts on what someone else said. I was originally going to Tweet a reply, but what I had to say was hard to explain without examples and a bit of an explanation, so it ended up being long enough to make it an entire post.
  • My second proper post (explaining bitmasks) was something I was simply curious about myself, and all I wanted to do was note down some points because it's a subject not often talked about in PHP-land
  • I have a few more posts I've made in the meantime, but generally, these are just miscellaneous thoughts or links to libraries I've made, and posting about it on a blog, even if just a few words, makes it feel like it's "out there" that little bit more

Writing has definitely had an effect on me as a developer over the past few months. I'm finding it pushes me in different directions and researching more into a couple of topics than I otherwise would have.

It helps me to solidify ideas and back up my opinions on them instead of just letting them fester half-unfinished in the back of my mind.