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Wenchen (Neo) Li
Wenchen (Neo) Li

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Today I Finished MITx 600 Part 1!

Tonight I finished the MITx: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python right on deadline! (well actually a little passed the deadline) πŸŽ‰

As a front end developer who doesn't have a degree in computer science, I always desire to learn more about "the real stuff" of computer science. Last year I took HarvardX CS50x (only the C part though) and felt really great about it. The content is not only useful but also fascinating.

So this year I decided to try this MIT one out again; I said again because I actually tried it when I was in school but couldn't finish it (twice!). But this time despite the fact that I'm working now and have less time to work on this, I am still able to finish it! (Big thanks to my girlfriend @rachel for supporting and producing me! πŸ˜„)

To continue this momentum of success, next week I'll start on the second part of the MITx 600 course: Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science.

In the future I'm hoping to also get some more math in my brain. I've been looking at the courses from here. And by the way, this is a great resource to gradually learn computer science with a clear plan! I really appreciate the community that put this together:

GitHub logo ossu / computer-science

πŸŽ“ Path to a free self-taught education in Computer Science!

Open Source Society University (OSSU)

Open Source Society University

Path to a free self-taught education in Computer Science

Awesome Open Source Society University - Computer Science



The OSSU curriculum is a complete education in computer science using online materials It's not merely for career training or professional development It's for those who want a proper, well-rounded grounding in concepts fundamental to all computing disciplines, and for those who have the discipline, will, and (most importantly!) good habits to obtain this education largely on their own, but with support from a worldwide community of fellow learners.

It is designed according to the degree requirements of undergraduate computer science majors, minus general education (non-CS) requirements as it is assumed most of the people following this curriculum are already educated outside the field of CS. The courses themselves are among the very best in the world, often coming from Harvard, Princeton, MIT, etc., but specifically chosen to…

Cool, that's all I wanted to share, and I hope we could all keep learning and having fun!

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Wenchen (Neo) Li • Edited

Also big thanks to for making it possible to have all these great courses available and for free!