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Discussion on: Have you ever worked with an engineer who never leveled up?

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jabiodun • Edited

Let's not turn what's fundamentally an economic issue into a moral issue.

There are always companies that need junior developers. If your company has decided it needs senior ones, that's no reflection on the junior dev's qualities. There are other companies looking for someone with his skillset, and not willing or able to pay more experienced devs.

Furthermore, for all we know, a person like him could be a genius at what he does in his spare time. After all, Einstein did much off his early groundbreaking work while employed in a patent office doing what he himself acknowledged as grossly undemanding. That's why he took the position, for heaven's sake.

And such a person doesn't need to be a genius anyway to make their choice defensible. Think of the sacrifices required to "level up". Perhaps he doesn't do so because he considers spending that time enjoying the pleasure of watching his kids grow more valuable. Can you begrudge anyone that?

There are many paths to a good life. Those known to each of us are but a fraction of the vast possibilities available.