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Discussion on: How do YOU keep track of weekly 1:1s?

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Michael Lefkowitz Author

Does OneNote allow your team members to collaborate with the notes in any way? I'd love something where there's a mix of "private" and "public/collaborative" notes.

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Michael Laufer

Yes, you can generate links and send them to people so they can see/edit private stuff if you allow it. But I ask every team member if they want to read the notes I take and some do, mostly when there's not enough trust yet or when they are insecure, I sometimes write down private notes, but that's mostly stuff I notice during the day or in meetings, that I later on use for 1on1s.

Btw, I don't do weekly 1on1s, It's mostly 2-4 weeks depending on experience of each team member - juniors tend to need more leadership ;)