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Discussion on: Be aware when cloning objects in JavaScript! 👯‍♀️

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Alex Lohr

I guess I'll make a proposal myself, if nobody beats me to it. Here's the polyfill:

if (typeof Object.clone !== "function") {
  const clone = (obj, map) => {
    if (obj === null || typeof obj !== "object" || obj instanceof WeakMap)
      return obj;

    if (map.has(obj)) return map.get(obj);

    const temp =
      obj instanceof TypedArray
        ? new obj.constructor(obj.length)
        : new obj.constructor();

    map.set(obj, temp);

    if (obj instanceof TypedArray) {
      temp.set( => clone(value, map)));
    } else if (obj instanceof Map) {
      obj.forEach((value, key) => temp.set(key, clone(value, map)));
    } else if (obj instanceof Date) {
    } else {
      for (const key in obj) {
        if (, key)) {
          temp[key] = clone(obj[key], map);
    return temp;
  Object.clone = (obj) => clone(obj, new Map());
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I also did a small test suite and a documentation. I'll work a bit on it and then release it to the public.

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Chris Bongers Author

Wow Alex, Your a speedy guy!
Nice work, happy to test with you 👀

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Alex Lohr

Here's the initial draft: Feedback is appreciated.