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StudioMax - Agency multipage theme. Built with Astro, Tailwind CSS & MDX

StudioMax - Agency multipage theme
Built with Astro, Tailwind CSS & MDX

  • 22 Pages
  • 60+ Sections
  • 680+ Components

See it live and learn what's included:

A dark-themed website design template with colorful, gradient header sections, suitable for web development or design services. Comes with a sleek and contemporary layout with sections for project showcases, service descriptions, and educational blog, ideal for professionals or agencies in the creative industry.*OXDbkhIcOMENwjciqp7_LQ.png*nj5ZHBAOLqVX6ITXdxhCwg.png*jbZibFElxjVzeS8Z-H0f5w.png*KaqMK0gRBX74NZMnt9eerQ.png

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