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Bright Light — SaaS multipage theme. Built with Astro, Tailwind CSS & MDX

Bright Light — SaaS multipage theme
Built with Astro, Tailwind CSS & MDX

  • 36 Pages
  • 80+ Sections
  • 100+ Components

See it live and learn what’s included:

A light, modern design with orange accents theme designed for SaaS businesses, showcasing a clean and organized layout for a SaaS website.*Dlpv4G8UAsdUA1CbZCcnKA.png*F6lvlUJFyn82mU4Auqi9YA.png*tLDEeuFuQ-u-r-k1R9nytA.png*KlslfD_8FHuuh41GTrjFyQ.png

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