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I have just tried Tabulator (not React-Tabulator) quickly for testing its features, esp grouping of fairly large data (about 4000 records), and I find several things I need :

  1. Multi-level grouping is available. It is easy to achieve this. Great !
  2. Inline editing, with various kinds of formatting. Very good
  3. Filtering within the column header.
  4. Various kinds of data loading, esp local and ajax.
  5. Data manipulation is provided by several ways which is easy to use.
  6. Performance is acceptable.
  7. ES6 features are supported, such as promise. This is very nice.
  8. It supports integration with popular frameworks/libraries : React, Angular and Vue. This is very nice.
  9. The documentation is terrific, so that I can quickly try its interesting or useful features.
  10. The library is actively maintained, so that there can be improvement, including addition of new features as well as improvement of existing features/functionality. I like this.

Tabulator improves significantly since I tried it several months ago.

Having said that, I hope Tabulator won't turn into paid library when it gets popular like others such as ag-Grid (enterprise edition), jqGrid, Datatables pro edition, Handsontable pro edition, etc. :)

Thank you very much for mentioning React-Tabulator that leads me to turn back to Tabulator after leaving it several months ago.

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