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I am using ag-Grid. It provides all features that I need. Unfortunately, row grouping is only available in enterprise edition, which is not free. My company and I are considering about purchasing the library.
I am searching for other free libraries that satisfy two main criteria :

  • inline editing
  • row grouping (multi-level, the better)

I like Slickgrid, unfortunately there is no React version of this library. But that's alright, as long as it supports ES6 so I can wrap it in React myself. Unfortunately, currently, there is only one version that supports ES6. For simple grid, it runs well. But for row grouping, I got some errors when trying to use it. I see the errors are in the library source code, not in my code. So I suspend to use it until I find the solution.
JqGrid is good, but its free edition doesn't support ES6, so it cannot be my option.
I am going to try React-Data-Grid for row grouping. I hope it will satisfy my need.
As for React-Tabulator, I have tried its vanilla version (named Tabulator) several months ago. But comparing to other popular libraries such Datatables, Handsontable, for handling large data, I find it inferior : slow. The only features I like in Tabulator are inline editing and row grouping, although it cannot create multi-level grouping. Maybe I will give it a 2nd try. :)

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