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Handcrafted: a beautiful dark theme for Nova and VS Code

Lewis Flude
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I am proud to announce the release of Handcrafted! A theme for Panic's new code editor Nova and Microsoft's VS Code.

I developed this theme using the CIELAB colour space, which means as colours shift in hue they maintain a relative brightness. The relationship between colours creates a sense of contrast and balance that is ideal for long stretches of programming.

Download Handcrafted for Nova: nova://extension/?id=handengineering.Handcrafted&name=Handcrafted (paste into your omnibar of choice)
Download Handcrafted for VS Code: Download

VS Code Screenshot

Nova Screenshot

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Yaroslav Demenskiy • Edited

Wow! Like your color palette, style, and the idea to simplify the visual perception of the code.

I also developed my theme Mokka following the same idea to reduce the amount of colors and visual stress.

I am glad that our themes are similar to each other. I would like to receive your feedback!)

Follow this link to get my theme: Mokka

Mokka - Minimal Dark Theme

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Lewis Flude Author

Check out the website for links to all colours/new theme!

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