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Discussion on: Why did you chose Programing Language XYZ?

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Lewis Cowles

I've learned many C-style langs, also some lisp style and some esoteric ones. I've only seen a few I don't like, for example haskell, brain-f***.

For professional projects I now try to work within C, C++, Java, Golang, Python or PHP with a handful of DSL's and declaratives. I do like C# (so similar to Java on surface), but don't have time for it in my life, and will probably drop it like I did PERL, various BASIC dialects and the Pascal's.

I Use languages generally because clients are using them, or there is a significant body of work.

Language I'm interested in but cannot get enough time for is Rust. I'm not good enough with rust nor do I have heaps of systems-programming experience so work isn't an option. I've also been updating my C++ so it's not just C with classes and I can use newer language features. It's a journey, but also not something I feel competent in as a full-time programmer.

Whatever people pick, I hope they know that as long as they don't hate the language or it's concepts, they've made a good enough choice for right now.

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Liked especially for that last statement. People should choose X language because it makes sense to them, they enjoy using it, they see an opportunity to do something cool with it, or because it solves a problem -- not because it's the most popular or other people won't pick on you for using it.