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Discussion on: You don't need Array.reduce()

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Lewis Cowles

My head nearly exploded looking at that. Map reduce is not a good pattern for application engineering, it's a backend big-unstructured-data pattern.

retrievePostsFor(me) would be so much easier to think about as well. Baking in getting all posts and filtering is just not clear unless you have a shallow micro-service code-base, embrace the cascade.

Finally wrap that up in a method

function totalLikes(user) {
    return likes = retrievePostsFor(user)
        .map(p => p.likes)
        .reduce((sum, likes) => sum + likes, 0);
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Lewis Cowles • Edited on

to anyone liking this, it works better if you just send in users. Then it doesn't matter where they come from, and anything with 0 likes just adds items to the list...

In-fact it doesn't need to be a user at all. Just something implementing a likeable interface, which has a method to retrieve likes.