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Discussion on: Why I love hiring Junior engineers

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Lewis Cowles

I disagree with the conclusions even though I've observed the same thing.

I'm not saying don't hire Juniors, but rather more carefully evaluate what it means for your business if there is such a benefit to Juniors or lack of benefit in hiring senior practitioners.

Are you perpetually attacking low-hanging fruit, subsisting, killing your senior engineers motivation(s) or over-promoting people because of a lack of buy-in to their skills or a time-based view of service? (as opposed to impact based)

The whole point of hiring Juniors is that while they learn they are supported by ever improving seniors, who they may overtake. This read a bit too Junior friendly.

Of course you should hire both, but if one of the reasons is motivation, what is de-motivating your engineers? Are your expectations reasonable, or are you just waiting to become a movie meme waiting for TPS reports needing people to come in on Saturdays?