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Discussion on: How to lower your AWS EC2 bill

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Lewis Cowles • Edited on

We mostly agree. But again

Finance isn't going to know what's reasonable, because they don't have the context. They only know what % of their budget something is eating.

It's not "throwing it over the wall" to buy a VCR, or entrust your friend who is all things AV to advise you or purchase a VCR for you (going 80's). Building your own VCR, getting right into it takes something you cannot get back. Time. So only build your own (metaphorical) VCR if you have to. It's not good advice to learn how to build one, or how much the parts cost.

Yes it would be great if you could ask coders to spec out your infra, you'd be short-term saving a bundle on experts. Long term, you'd be asking the painter about interior decor. They are separate skills.