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Ideas/tips for writing technical posts/tutorials.

levivm profile image Levi Velázquez ・2 min read

I have started to be more focused on writing new content, my goal is to write at least one post per week. For me, the major obstacle is finding good ideas to write about. So I have been compiling a list of topics. I want to share them, so, it could be helpful for someone looking for ideas.

Of course, your welcome to contribute to the list.


  • After finding the topic, the major obstacle is how to start, what works for me: use pomodoro technique ( work 45 min -- rest 15 min).

  • Before jumping into writing everything, you need to create an index about your article like:

    • Topic 1
      • Sub-topic 1
      • Sub-topic 2
    • Topic 2
      • Sub-topic 1
      • Sub-topic 2

    So, you'll have the big picture and would be able to focus on writing topic by topic, it helps to get a good feeling about progressing.

  • My best trick: when you don't have a lot of motivation, start writing and try to spend more than 15 min without any interruption, after that, you will feel the "obligation"(motivation) for continuing.

My ideas:

  • Exposing localhost server to the internet (I did it, read it here)
  • API specifications
  • Date usage in Python
  • Serverless Rest API (I did it, you can check it out here)
  • Python interview questions
  • Javascript for beginners
  • Code Styleguides.
  • Web server vs App server
  • Continuous integration
  • Microservices
  • Destructing in es6
  • Socket.io
  • Push up notifications using Firebase
  • Creating a chrome extension
  • Typescript
  • Docker workshop (I did it, it is in Spanish).
  • SSH and SSH Forwarding (I did it, you can find it here)
  • Strings "conversions" in Python.

Shared your ideas :)

If you have any suggestions about a topic you think is important but can't find enough info or it isn't easy to catch up, comment it.


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cescquintero profile image
Francisco Quintero 🇨🇴

I have a Trello board(s) dedicated to blog posting and blog posts ideas :)

The infamous John Sonmez once suggested that we should have a list of all ideas that come for a blog post. Everything. Then when we want to write, just check the list and choose the one we like or feel more able to write about.

That's what I've been doing for a long time.

In my Trello board I have cards with topics(Rails, Ruby, Linux, Heroku, DevOps, etc) and inside the cards ideas with links or comments.

Then, on another board-specific for the blog, I create cards for the ideas most appealing to write about and add more information or descriptions that would help me when I start the actual writing.

This way I kind of have a process to ease my blog posting process.

ibrahimisad8 profile image
Ibrahim Isa

Intresting ... Thank you