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My First Certification in Data Science Field

Dear, Everyone. Thank you being with my AI journey.
Since few weeks ago, I started to learning AI with Andrew Ng's tutorials on Coursera. Now I am keep learning every day even just few hours at least.

I found that there are some useful courses on Kaggle which make able to earn Certifications very easy and fast. Whether those certifications shows your real ability on AI fields or not, I think those are valuable to try at once.

I had already completed first 2 courses on there. I pushed all materials of those 2 tutorials (tutorial lecture and programming exercise) to Github and shared them as public. I Hope my works will be little bit helpful for everyone as beginners as me.

This one is github repo of my Kaggle tutorial's works.

Thanks for reading my first post carefully.
To encourage me continue work, please follow me on and Github.

Best Regards.

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