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Greg Bulmash 🥑
Greg Bulmash 🥑

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glitch-localdev – I made a node.js app! I am future!

"80s retro futurey image"

I made a node app recertly, called glitch-localdev. It helps you take the app you’re developing on Glitch, clone it to your favorite machine to develop on using your favorite editor, and helps keep your machine and Glitch in sync. And if you’re using Visual Studio Code, it’ll even set up auto-saving on your project for you.

It’s easy to set up. Install with npm install -g glitch-localdev.

Then just navigate to an empty directory in a command prompt or terminal window, and type glitch-localdev. It’ll ask you some configuration questions (they’re explained in the glitch-localdev readme), and boom, it pulls down the repository and starts keeping an eye on it, committing your saved changes back to Glitch every so often.

It saves your config. So when you come back to it, just run glitch-localdev in the directory to launch the watcher function to keep an eye out for changes and periodically commit them while you code.

Have fun and feel free to file issues at the GitHub repo for bugs or suggestions

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