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How to make a user friendly select when using React, Redux, and Firebase (Part 1) - Goal

This is just documentation so far. So there's no hand holding. I have a goal in mind on how the finished feature will be.

I am working on an app It helps users play TFT (Teamfight Tactics). I have received a lot requests for the champions to have item recommendations. TFT updates very quickly and even had a whole new set of champions and items recently. I used to have item recommendations in Set 1, but I removed it in Set 2 because it was too much of a hassle to manually update.

Item recommendations need to be up to date. Instead of me updating the database manually for it. I am going to add a new feature. This feature will allow me and users (if they pay me, because I'll give them admin access) to easily update the item recommendations to our liking.

Breakdown of my goal:

  • this is a tooltip for a champion Alt Text
  • I want 3x item slots at the bottom Alt Text
  • that when clicked opens an item table to select from Alt Text
  • the item slot is then updated to the selected item Alt Text

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