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Is Building an IT Team that Easy?

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Every company dreams of having a full-time in-house IT team, but these teams are often more expensive than the company can afford. So the company must look for other ways to get help with their technology, and that help can come from most of the reputed companies listed in Clutch. These companies provide IT services on an as needed basis, and businesses simply make the call when they require help.

A Helpline

The helpline for an IT services company is the first line of defense for the company. Every employee in the office can have the support number for the helpline listed into their phone. When there is a problem with a piece of technology, the employee can call the helpline for assistance. Is it OK? Well.. in critical cases absolutely.

The helpline technician can walk the employee through troubleshooting steps until the situation is resolved. If the situation is not resolved, the employee can request further assistance from the IT services company.

Help In The Office

A business that needs help in the office can receive that help in the form of a visiting IT repairman. These repair technicians can visit the office with all the tools and parts they need to make a computer function properly again. There are parts that may need to be ordered for the business, but these parts can be ordered by the IT company.

Also, the IT company can offer loaner equipment until the items are repaired. A business will not have to stop functioning because of a simple breakdown, and the IT services company is only collecting a fee for their services.

The Fees

The fees charged by an IT company pale in comparison to what it costs to hire full-time staff members. Particularly, if one outsources to Eastern European region (Elinext, Oxagile, BelITsoft etc.) Companies must pay for benefits, vacation time and business perks for regular employees. An IT firm collects a check for services rendered when they are done with their duties. Some companies may go months without any major IT problems, and companies save money because they are not paying someone a full-time salary to fix something that is not broken.

Working with an IT firm is much simpler for most businesses, and the costs are greatly reduced when compared with employing people full-time. Meanwhile, according to EY Global Information Security Survey 2017-18: "87%: Percentage of enterprises that say they require up to 50% more budget for Cybersecurity". Whether you would want to do it over your employees or via outsourced dev team will always remain a decision hard to make.

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