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New adventures as DevRel

Hello world!

Updates: I am excited to be complementing my passions for tech and building community!
Although, I have been involved in tech communities since 2014, and formerly started leading and building communities since 2018, I am excited to share that these last months, I have been working as Developer Relations (also known as Developer Advocated, evangelist for others!)

Being a DevRel is not always easy or smooth while planning different activities, but it is fun, for sure. Moreover being a DevRel at a startup has extra levels of difficulty, however it is an interesting challenge!


This July, I am excited for joining Qovery ! A great startup that is helping tons of devs to deploy better and faster! 迎 Lets make the cloud simple again!

Qovery has a vibrant community! devs are engaged sharing their projects, questions, suggestions! I feel super happy to hangout with such energetic people!
And also this week, we hold the community call
I do really appreciate when a startup (or any business, entrepreise) is open to teach/listen from first hand to its community!

Also, having so many resources for the community is very motivating! From blogs, to forums, this community call, also the ambassadors program, the meetings/chat in discord, and more more!

I am really excited for this new challenge! also for learning more about tech: cloud technologies, deployment, data science, as well as engaging with community, tech blogging, live coding

To infinity and beyond

Some interesting resources for DevRels:

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