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I built a PHP tool that doesn't need to deploy dev environment at all.

Hey everyone!

I hacked around the last couple of months and just released a (super experimental) first version of an integration app called ServBay.

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Try ServBay for free>>

Just installed on your machine. you can install the app globally and use it to develop and test PHP code, all without any development environment!

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Why'd I build this? I've gotten messages from new PHP developers who don't know how to set up a development environment, and some experienced developers who don't want to invest time or resources in deploying the environment on new equipment. I wondered if there was a tool that could solve all these problems. So, this is what I came up with!

Are there any caveats? Of course, I cannot guarantee that it is flawless and perfect, but I have done my best to improve this product. Currently, all its functionalities are working properly, and if a command doesn't work as expected, don't be surprised (open an issue if you'd like though).

**What's next? **I will iterate on new versions, patch bugs, and introduce additional features. For example, besides PHP, I will incorporate other programming languages and also release an enterprise version.

Try it for free>>

Just let me know what you think!

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