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Discussion on: Do developers still need UML?

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"I was thinking that nowadays nobody uses UML in daily work."
Your manager is right, at every meeting / project I did ask the question: "do you use UML or BPMN ?" nearly anybody answers yes even in big corps where official methodoly requires documenation with UML diagrams :)

Bill Gates said: 'Banking Is Necessary, Banks Are Not' I would say 'Modeling is necessary, UML is not' ;) Unfortunately developers do modeling with Framework which is not a rational way to do, some part of Business Modeling are now even done by Graphics designer, which is not rational either.

So I have looked at some other fields I know because I'm an engineer I know the automation industry, they have a specification and modeling tool named grafcet that is very simple, and I'm experimenting with it for now, after many months, I'm now sure it can replace UML, BPMN and many more easily with both better mental mapping for Business and direct mapping with code for ANY programming language high level or low level like assembly.