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Discussion on: How to learn programming the natural way

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lepinekong • Edited on

Motivation is key. Learning to make a rectangle red maybe a motivation for you but for other people like me not really so though I found programming just as easy as math for me I just didn't look at it further when somebody taught me how to program some additions in basic almost 35 years ago :) Later in engineering school I didn't even bother attending courses either as it wasn't my major, it's only when we got this huge project about automating a factory simulator that I told myself: huh so it can do usefull stuffs then I got interested. At that time, coding was in assembly language but It didn't bother me.

That's why you should find the learning path and language that suits you first it will motivate you. So if you're like me looking for purpose, I have written tutorials to get started with programming when knowing not much (see my profile if interested).