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Discussion on: How do you keep track of all the great resources you find?

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I have tried one after another, each time it was too improductive as I have vast interests in many stuffs so I have finally decided to build a whole system based on new format called the ReAdABLE human format, so I can quickly collect, organize and publish at the same time or at differed time depending on context and needs. You can see for example this is a markdown page generated from this one

All you need is (1 Mb download) and clone the repo. There is VSCode extension for that language to make this more pleasant and you can create VSCode Snippet example given here also in the same ReAdABLE format.

I'm now having 30 sites like that just to store many stuffs from bookmarks to todolist, user stories , articles, anything in easy and quick to write structured format even quicker than markdown (I will write the 3rd article on redlang soon on devto as I stopped to do so after 2nd one etc.