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Practice refactoring legacy code with hangman

Leonora Der
Full stack developer from Hungary. #java #javascript #springboot #vuejs #css
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Have you ever been to a code retreat?

  • No? Go and attend one!

  • Yes? Nice! :) I have been to several events and I loved the legacy code retreat the most. On that event, we worked on the trivia game and I wanted to find a similar repository.

A few months ago I asked if you know some pieces of code one can practice refactoring on. Thanks again for all your answers! :)

I checked those and finally, I decided to make another one.

The original codebase came from yegor256 and I added some new "features" to it. And I admit that I loved adding spaghetti code on purpose... :P Somehow it was a challenge to make the code worse! :P Have you ever felt that? :P

So now I have a Java version, but I would like to ask you to help me and make the code in JavaScript, Python, C#.... or any other language you love! :)

I guess it is a nice project for Hacktoberfest as well... :)

You can find the repository here: floppylab/clean-code

I am planning to add new games, topics to this codebase, so ideas and links to old codebases are appreciated, too! :)

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Ben Halpern

This is neat. 🙂

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