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Cheers to Craft Design: Beer CSS - A Lightweight Material Design Framework

Hey fellow web devs, let's talk about something refreshing in the world of CSS frameworks: Beer CSS. Yes, you read that right – it's not just for choosing your Saturday night brew anymore.

Beer CSS is the first framework built specifically for Material Design 3, and it's aiming to change the game with its focus on:

Tiny Size: Ditch the bloat! Beer CSS weighs in at a fraction of the size of other Material Design frameworks, making it lightning-fast and resource-friendly.

Semantic Goodness: It prioritizes clean, semantic HTML, giving you a solid foundation for accessible and well-structured websites.

DX Delight: Developer experience takes center stage. Beer CSS is simple to learn and use, with clear documentation and an intuitive approach.

Theme Control: Got a taste for customization? Beer CSS gives you the flexibility to tweak Material Design's themes and make your project truly your own.

But wait, there's more! Beer CSS packs a punch with features like:

Responsive Layouts: Adapt your design to any screen size with ease. ️

Utility Classes: Speed up your workflow with a handy set of ready-made classes for common styles.

Accessibility Focus: Beer CSS keeps inclusivity in mind, ensuring your website is accessible to everyone. ♿️

Intrigued? I totally get it! Here's what you can do next:

Check out the website:

Join the community:

Let's raise a glass to a fresh approach to Material Design with Beer CSS! I'm curious to hear your thoughts – have you tried it out? What do you like about it?


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Fernando Campestrini • Edited

I started using it literally today. Doing a smal project with Django as backend but decided to do a simple frontend. I am tired of the same similar design of famous css frameworks like bootstrap. So while looking I came across Beer.css.
Theres just one thing I'm confused about. Not sure if I understood it correctly.
When looking at the example html page in the I saw the nav bar being written 3 times. One for each screen size and to me that looks like too much repetition, I mean. To write the navigation menu 3 times and having to update all 3 every time I need a new menu item doesn't seem efficient... Did I implemented it correctly ?

artydev profile image

Great library, I will use it in my next roject