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Top Material Design 3 web frameworks of 2024

There are some CSS framework options that implement Material Design 3, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the most popular options:

Independent structures

Material Web (ready to use): Google's official library for Material Design 3. Offers components ready to be used in any web framework. It's a good option if you want full control over your integration and customization.


Beer CSS (ready to use): A lightweight, easy-to-use CSS framework designed specifically for Material Design 3. It focuses on simplicity, uses HTML semantic standard and offers more components than the official Google library web version.


Frameworks for specific frameworks

MUICSS (under dev): A Material Design-based collection of UI components, built for React. It offers deep integration with React and a good ecosystem of tools and add-ons.


Vuetify (under dev): A library for Vue.js that implements Material Design 3. It offers Vue-specific components and fluid integration with your templating system.


Angular Material (under dev): A set of UI components based on Material Design 3 for Angular. It offers a familiar development experience for Angular users and integration with the framework's native features.


Generic Frameworks

Frameworks like Tailwind CSS or Bootstrap can also be used to implement Material Design 3, although they require a little more manual and custom work. The best option for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Consider factors such as:


Your web framework: If you already use a specific framework, such as React or Angular, opt for a compatible CSS framework as it may be the best choice.

Level of complexity: If you want a quick and easy-to-use solution, Beer CSS or Material Web could be good options.

Flexibility and control: If you need more control and customization, Material Web, Beer CSS or generic frameworks like Tailwind CSS may be the best choices.

I recommend that you explore the documentation and demos of each framework to see which one best suits your project.

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