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Angular (17+) Signals Theme

Angular Signal as Reactive theme

  • Signals Rule! Re-imagine Dynamic Theming with Angular Signals
  • Dynamic Themes, Simplified: The Power of Angular Signals. Upgrade easily your theming game to Reactive Style Changes with Angular Signals
  • Simplify and Enhance Your Styling: Go Reactive with Angular Signals. Boost Theme Flexibility: Leverage Angular Signals for Dynamic Styling


  • Streamlined Service: Leveraging Angular Signals, we simplified our service by employing the signal function to create a theme signal, eliminating the necessity for a BehaviorSubject.
  • Reactive Theme Switching: Within the component, we now have direct access to the theme through the signal. This guarantees that our component template promptly responds to any changes in the theme.
  • Coordinated State Access: Using themeService.themeSignal(), we can directly retrieve the current theme, ensuring seamless synchronization of the theme state throughout the application.


Angular Signal Theme

Code (Github)

Angular Signal Theme

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