Discussion on: Is it possible to get relevant industry experience on your own (not through working at a company)?

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My take on this is definitely NO ! You don't need to work at a company to gather some sort of mandatory "wisdom" or magical processes on how to do stuff.

The conversations with the former work colleagues which you overheard, who had it all figured out (communication, processes, whatever), don't fret about it. IT'S NOT IMPORTANT. Their perceived wisdom on how you "should" do something is just one of a myriad ways you can approach those problems. There is no holy grail or "one right way" to do something.

Anyone telling me that I "have" to do Scrum, or CI (continuous integration), or TDD, I can confidently tell them that I can do without - there is no "one right way". The most important thing is that you're motivated (which I can clearly see) and that you acquired the technical basics that allow you to get stuff done.

(by the way, the approaches around communication are not relevant anyway in your case)

What I do recommend however is that you google a bit about best practices regarding running your own business and marketing and stuff like that. But don't go heavy on "software engineering best practices", especially because you're a solo dev.