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I switched from Webstorm (and Netbeans, for PHP development) to VSCode about half a year ago, and I'm pretty happy with it.

I suppose you can call VSCode a 'compromise' ... it's quite lightweight, more lightweight than Webstorm and Netbeans (and Eclipse), but a little bit more 'heavy' than Sublime. It's a bit "between" an IDE and a text editor, and that's what I see as the ideal balance. I like the terminal and I do use VIM a lot, but I don't want to do all of my development in VIM ... I do want an "IDE".

Another thing is that the learning curve for VSCode is pretty small - install a bunch of plugins and get used to the main commands and windows, and that's it. I don't want to spend a huge amount of time getting familiar with the complete 'ecosystem' around an IDE/editor, or spending 2 weeks to optimize all of it.

Coming from Webstorm, in the beginning I really had to get used to VSCode, and I spent a decent amount of time setting it all up so that it works in the way I like (settings, keyboard shortcuts, plugins), but now I'm pretty happy with it, I'm not looking back.

Also tried Atom for a few days but quickly dumped it, I think pretty much everyone agrees that VSCode has surpassed Atom in almost every respect ... right?

VSCode isn't perfect (there are still a few things that I feel worked better in Webstorm, full text search and Git diffs/history come to mind) but it's definitely "good enough".

Works well not only with Javacript but also with PHP, so it's replaced both Webstorm and Netbeans ... only when doing Java development I'm still using another IDE (Eclipse is hard to beat for Java development).

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