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leob • Edited on

Yeah for sure PHP has come a long way ...

I mean, old skool PHP was just ugly "script" with as little structure as possible lol ... modern PHP allows you to write beautiful OO code, and it's pretty fast as well - performance of PHP has improved by leaps and bounds since PHP 7 and 8, and stuff like Swoole really puts it in "turbo" mode (and even allows you to do event driven programming if you want) ... types and type checking are being added, I could go on - honestly I think modern PHP is giving Node.js a run for its money ;)

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Anders Björkland Author

Some nice additions to the language is stuff that we may not even notice. As you say, there's been great preformance boost with 7 and then with 8. JIT is behind the scene doing its thing. Fibers I won't touch but taking advantage of with PHPReact (or maybe framework-x). And yeah, looks pretty swell being a PHP Developer using modern tools right now 😁

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It does, modern PHP is powerful and nothing to be ashamed of ;)