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Discussion on: Hating windows won't make you cool

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leob • Edited on

Good points, yes I know they've bettered themselves, especially under Nadella, but their dirty business practices of the past were a disgrace. "Survive" is a bit of an euphemism, I think you're a bit too kind and too forgiving towards them - they really had a total stranglehold on the market, a.k.a. a "monopoly", and were abusing it heavily.

Anyway, all of that is old history, and probably not that many people care lol, but I like the truth to be told.

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New Linux Helper Author

I guess, it's because I am a GenZ and don't know a lot about the history.

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Yep I thought so ;) if you'd know the history you'd be a lot more critical of our Microsoft "friends", they did some truly atrocious stuff

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