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Discussion on: What is Apple thinking?

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leob • Edited on

You're assuming a lot, aren't you? First of all, "most people that think like yourself ..." - so, you pretend to know exactly what or how I think? Maybe you're clairvoyant, it can't be based on my comment (and I didn't even mention privacy).

Another nice one, "A seed that someone else planted", oh yeah, give me break LOL ... yes sure, I'm totally brainwashed, I can't think for myself, unless someone else "plants the seed". But you are such a critical and independent thinker, right? So the "if you have nothing to hide" argument is your original thought, but how come then I've heard that one so many times, sounds like a cliche and a classic fallacy of there ever was one.

And then to top it off a nice putdown like "I could care less about your privacy", oh such a nice, friendly and polite way to discuss things, yes we really need this level of discourse here on !

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Pablo Tejada

Who needs privacy? Privacy is overrated.

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rhymes • Edited on

"Activist X is an enemy of the state, please check their phone". Said every corrupt head of state ever who jailed people labelled as dissidents (super recent example: the president of Belarus jailing activists and even sports athletes)

If you think privacy is useless because you are a good citizen and you never committed a crime, then you don't really know what privacy is for :)

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Massimo Artizzu

Arguing that you don't care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don't care about free speech because you have nothing to say.

Edward Snowden