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Discussion on: Best Laptops for Software Development in 2021

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Yeah WSL is pretty good I've heard ... an alternative would be to run Linux, and then run Windows under it via VirtualBox, if you need to use MS Office?

OTOH I'm using OpenOffice and I believe it gets me 90% of the way there with MS Office compatibility ...

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Ralph Brooks

This definitely gets into the issue of a use case. If you are doing edge computing or something like that, then you are most likely using Linux. For me, if I am developing, then I have 20 browser tabs open, MS Word is open, and I have WSL2 running docker containers in the background. Also, it looks like Microsoft is starting to support Linux GUI .

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leob • Edited on

Sounds good ... Microsoft seems to move in the right direction, they're no longer Steve Balmer's "evil empire" (Developers!!! Developers!!! Developers!!!!!!!!!)