re: VS Code Shortcuts That I Would Teach Myself if I Had a Time Machine With Limited Fuel VIEW POST


Control-Shift-P (or Command-Shift-P) is the "master key" which shows your most recent commands, and allows you to search for any other command, including keyboard shortcuts - learn this one first, and then gradually you'll learn the rest ...

Control-Q is also one I use a lot - switching between the Explorer view, the Source Control view and the Debug/Run view.

Ah and then Control-] or Cmd-] (on OSX) to jump to end bracket/begin bracket is a powerful one.


CMD + ] on my Mac causes the line to indent (like using TAB) rather than jumping to brackets. I wonder if you have mapped your hot keys differently.


Ah yes maybe I remapped it, some key combos are unintuitive or conflict with other things so then I'd remap them.

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