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I think that there is no idea that there isn't something at least similar out there, you have to live with it and somewhat reinvent yourself. Take Uber and Lyft for example, Lyft was founded after Uber and they have a lot of similarities, but they reinvented themselves with ideas from each other.
Here in Brazil there were already apps that connect drivers to riders, but mostly it was for taxis, when Uber came with private drivers (taxis are private in a sense, but you get what I mean) and most of the time with cheaper prices (Uber came to here around 2014 World Cup with aggressive discounts to attract visitors who were here for the World Cup and already familiar with Uber and locals alike). The companies already here had to reinvent themselves having private drivers as well as taxis. Uber responded with what is known now as Uber X and payment by cash.
I don't even need to talk about food delivery apps, there is a bunch here and I saw the same in the US when I went there, the details are what differentiate them. The key is to be creative to differentiate yourself somehow.

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