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Using OpenAI in your Laravel project (Laravel Synth)

Laravel Synth

We are living in an era of AI-driven software, and Laravel, one of the most popular PHP frameworks, is no exception. This post introduces Laravel Synth, a Laravel package that brings the power of OpenAI's ChatGPT language model to Laravel development, offering a range of automated features to improve productivity and overall development experience.

What is Laravel Synth?

Laravel Synth is a package that generates code and performs a variety of tasks in your Laravel application. It uses the power of OpenAI's GPT language model to provide an interactive and intelligent development experience.

Key Features of Laravel Synth

Laravel Synth offers numerous features, such as:

  • Architecture design: It can brainstorm and generate new application architectures.
  • File attachment: It provides a module to attach files to the conversation with the GPT model.
  • Code generation: It can generate migrations, models, and other necessary files for your application.
  • Conversations: It allows you to chat with the GPT model to get responses and perform actions.
  • Module Extensions: You can create custom modules to extend the functionality of Synth.

How to Install Laravel Synth?

Installing Laravel Synth is as simple as:

In your laravel app, run:

composer require blinq/synth
Publish the Synth configuration file using php artisan:
vendor:publish --tag=synth-config

Finally, set your OpenAI API key in the .env file: OPENAI_KEY=YOUR_API_KEY.

How to Use Laravel Synth?

Once installed, Laravel Synth can be accessed via the command
php artisan synth

This opens the Synth CLI, where you can interact with the GPT model and perform a variety of tasks.

Extend Laravel Synth with Custom Modules

One of the powerful features of Laravel Synth is the ability to extend its functionality with custom modules. A module is a class that defines specific actions and how to handle them. Here's a sample custom module implementation:

use Blinq\Synth\Modules\Module;

class MyModule extends Module
    public function name(): string
        return 'MyModule';

    public function register(): array
        return [
            'action1' => 'Perform Action 1',
            'action2' => 'Perform Action 2',

    public function onSelect(?string $key = null)
        $this->cmd->info("You selected: {$key}");
        // Rest of the module's code...
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And here is how you can register your custom module with Laravel Synth:

use Blinq\Synth\Modules;

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Wrapping Up

The integration of OpenAI's gpt model with Laravel via the Synth package opens up a new world of possibilities for Laravel developers. It offers a way to automate repetitive tasks, boost productivity, and ultimately improve the quality of the software being developed.

Give Laravel Synth a try in your next project, and experience a new level of Laravel development!

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