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re: What are your top ten command lines? VIEW POST

  1. git status
  2. clear - I love me an empty terminal window
  3. ls
  4. git add .
  5. git push
  6. git pull
  7. git checkout .
  8. project - alias to get me straight into my project directory
  9. git commit --amend --no-edit - I hate doing this (special thanks to the client that demands all changes exist in a single commit on a branch
  10. ../

I use git commit --amend --no-edit too. Mostly for small changes (e.g., missed semicolon) that worth a commit.


I honestly didn't know about --no-edit until now. Thanks for saving me the keystrokes 😂.

There's another one I used when for whatever reason I need to retrigger CI/jenkins without making any change

git commit --allow-empty -m 'trigger'

Mine are all very similar to this! Although I don't use clear -- CMD/CTRL+L does the trick


Oh my god, I never knew the CTRL+L tip, you've LITERALLY changed my life.

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