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I wanted to share a website I built for developers and designers to share the tools they use. I was inspired - like many of us are - by Wes Bos https://wesbos.com/uses and Adam Wathan https://adamwathan.me/uses who have uses pages on their sites.

It's called uses.tools. You can use your own affiliate links to the tools you use if you have them and I collect no personal info via GitHub connect... couldn't email you even if I wanted to :D

Coming next: I'd love to have 15 minute calls with developers and designers for them to share the tools they use. It would be tour of their environment (MTV Cribs but for dev setups haha). Record it via Zoom / Hangouts and then publish to YouTube and post on site. If anyone is interested, hit me up on Twitter @usestools or @leighchalliday.

This was built with Next.js, GraphQL (Apollo client + server), hosted on Zeit Now, database is Postgres.

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