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Tools and Libraries that make my my life easier as a solo developer πŸ”₯

Finding suitable tools for the job is crucial for your motivation and development time. I want to share the following amazing suite and set of tools, libraries and resources I use daily for all of my web applications and software πŸ”₯


React Advanced Cropper (cropping images was never easier than this)

Evergreen | Amazing set of UI components

Mantine | Fully featured React Components library

Drop in solution for Tilting your components

Extensive library of useful react hooks

React Wavify | create awesome 🌊 for uour next application

Awesome animation library | GSAP

Unique animation library | Anime.js

Awesome modern react components | PrimeReact

SAAS | Backend

Emailing is crucial for your application! Mailtrap is what I use to test my email services.

Generous Redis free tier

Trending GitHub repositories

Http port forwarding |

I tried to include services and libraries I that are not as common as every other posts mentions them. I hope you found something new from this post, Cheers πŸ₯‚ Keep on coding 😎

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