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I've been using the Kinesis Freestyle 2 for Mac for many years and am a big fan. It is a "weird" keyboard though as it is split into two halves that are connected by a wire. Keeps my wrists nice and straight so I find it comfortable, the key feel is nice and it has several Mac-specific keys built in.


Big big fan of this keyboard! I've only been using it for a little while now, and I love the split key feeling. I also have the raisers and the palm rests (link), and I'm used to that format since I used the Microsoft Sculpt keyboard before.

I don't use the other buttons too often -- probably because I'm not used to it -- but I like that they're an option. Only thing I don't like about the keyboard, I often find myself missing the quote key and hitting Enter/Return instead, but I think that'll come with time.

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