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Can Rails Hotwire negate the need for a JavaScript framework?

I don't have anything against vanilla JS or all the frameworks out there. I am just curious to hear if anyone has built a reactive app with Hotwire yet and does the stack really allow you to build complex reactive UI apps without a framework or vanilla JS

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Hi Lee, exciting times! I do not know the answer to your questions yet but I'm excited about learning more (I already was when Phoenix LiveView was launched back in 2018)

I noticed how at RailsConf 2021 there are going to be three talks centered around Hotwire/StimulusReflex:

I'm planning on checking out this course as well, Learn Hotwire by Building a Forum, built by a person that uses StimulusReflex day by day

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Thanks for this @rhymes I am definitely going to check those sessions out for sure. Phoenix live also looks fab!

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I am building an app with Hotwire ( I started with turbolinks and stimulus and migrated painlessly when Hotwire came public) and it is a delight.

The sweet spot is for apps that are not ultra complex in my opinion, which is my case